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Jim Keiser - Danville High School Head Coach
Coach, I just wanted to thank you for putting on an outstanding clinic this past Saturday. Top notch instruction, first class facilities. Overall the best team camp we have ever attended. We will definitely be back next year.
Keith McCabe - Williamsport High School Coach
Coach, thanks for giving us the opportunity to attend and compete. I as well was much more pleased with the enthusiasm of our young group this year and know they all enjoyed every minute of the camp. I look forward to working with you and attending camps in the future.
Brad Livingston - Central York Head Coach
Our linemen had a great experience at camp. Our coaches noticed tremendous player growth individually, and we saw our linemen begin to form the type of brotherhood we are all looking for in that unit. The camp coaching staff is exceptional. I have never seen a camp where the coaches become so personally invested in the campers. This camp has to be the best value per dollar of any camp in the nation. Our kids worked hard and loved every minute of it. Our offensive linemen went home with a solid base on which we can build for the season. Central York can't thank Jahri, Coach McBryan, and the camp staff enough. The experience was awesome!
Michael Dougherty - Central Dauphin High School Assistant Coach
The camp does more than improve your players, but it helps makes you a better oline and tight ends coach. Coach McBryan asked every coach ahead of time what you would like to work on or learn more about. In his chalk talk session with Coach Devlin (TE coach for the NY Jets) they had everything prepared and drawn up for us to learn. Not only did they explain everything but they answered any questions about any topic that ranged from running screen passes to sprint protection. They even showed a new way to snap the ball in the shotgun.
Gary Howanec - Mount Carmel High School Assistant Coach
We've attended the McBryan skills camp for the past two years and the experience has been nothing but positive. The quality of instruction, from top high school, college and professional coaches to Jahri Evans, is hard to beat. The teaching progression, clear demonstration, hands on individual/small group skill training, culminating with selected campers showcasing what they've learned provides constant positive reinforcement that not only improves individual skills but also builds confidence. You can literally see it in the player's faces. I would highly recommend this camp for individuals wanting to get better in a positive, professional setting as well as entire teams looking to build cohesion and teamwork. It's also a great experience for individual coaches; if we're not learning every day we're falling behind, and this is a great opportunity to learn. This camp has definitely become a permanent part of our summer preparation
Ron Miller - West York Head Coach
Our team went to the first McBryan Clinic for one reason... To Get Better. Without question we accomplished our goal. It was go time once the whistle blew at 9am and didn't stop until the last whistle. This unique camp was divided into run and pass blocking and the players work on the fundamentals of both facets of blocking. Without question the young men who took part in this camp left better than when they arrived and to me I cant think of anything that is more important.
Danny Hale - Bloomsburg University Head Coach:
Coach McBryan knows line play inside and out. He is a natural teacher of the skills that make ordinary linemen extraordinary.
Chris Eiswerth - South Williamsport Head Coach
My team came to the lineman camp last year for the first time. I can not say enough about how we were treated and the great results that came from attending the camp. My team came to camp very young and inexperienced. They lacked many key ingredients that young lineman need to succeed. Upon arriving at camp I immediately realized the great number of quality players and teams in attendance. The camp taught my players many great things. They worked on stance, technique, and all the proper fundamentals as well as all the various blocks. The coaches that were at the camp were all great coaches that took the time to teach and encourage in a positive way. They encouraged my players and made them believe they could become great lineman if they worked hard. Perhaps the greatest gift the camp gave my players was the drive to work hard after they came home from the camp. They were motivated to work hard throughout the summer and continued to improve throughout the year. The camp showed the boys that if they wanted to succeed they could if they set goals and went after those goals. They worked side by side with other schools and saw first hand that players at other schools were spending a great deal of time in the weight room and on the practice field. The camp was a super experience and I will be bringing my players back this year. They will learn all the things needed to be great lineman, but even more they will work with lineman from other schools that will motivate them to strive for greatness.
Dave Hess - Selinsgrove Head Coach
The McBryan/Evans offensive line camp was the most effective football teaching I've seen in my 28 years of coaching. The staff was absolutely outstanding. All instruction focused on fundamentals that were taught in specific detail, in an understandable and doable fashion. From here on this will be a yearly event in our football program.
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